torsdag 5 december 2013

Nytt från Alexandra Potter snart här

Nämen, vad skådar mitt öga... I januari kommer en ny bok från favoritförfattaren Alexandra Potter! På förlagets (Hodder & Stougthon) beskrivs boken såhär:

Ruby Miller has lost her faith in love. In an effort to forget her cheating ex and break out of her routine, she joins her sister for a week's beach holiday in Goa... and embarks on an extraordinary adventure.

A runaway sister, stolen bags and a handsome American stranger sweep Ruby up onto a magical mystery tour across India. Amid fortresses and fortune tellers and a whirlwind of weddings, her search to find her sister uncovers fascinating stories of love, lost and found.

But as the mysteries deepen, secrets are revealed that turn Ruby's life upside down. And what started as a journey to find her sister, becomes a journey to find herself - and love - again.

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